Interior Consulting
Let your surroundings nurture you.

Why are interiors so important?

Imagine if interior spaces were as rejuvenating to our well-being as strolling through a majestic forest or along a tranquil shore.

With the average person spending 90% of their time indoors, we need interior spaces designed with well-being in mind. However, we have only recently uncovered the essential factors that make a space genuinely supportive.

Illumine Terra is a design approach borne from the truth that the places we inhabit affect the quilty of our life, even when we are unaware of it.

With an Illumine Terra interior consultation, you will discover how your interiors are depleting and distracting you and be guided through transforming your space into a stylish environment that will nurture, fuel, and inspire you.


The Illumine Terra Approach

Illumine Terra uses a unique blend of three design modalities — Biophilic Design, Spatial Energetics, and Color Psychology — to identify areas of disharmony and guide you toward easy and practical solutions.

Each of the three modalities highlights a different aspect of your intimate relationship with your space. Yet, when applied symbiotically, they become mutually reinforcing and offer greater effectiveness than the sum of their parts.

The Benefits

Current studies have shown that spaces imbued with effective color, balance, and biophilia allow the nervous system to regulate, click out of fight or flight, and bring heart rates and hormone levels into balance. These findings prove that our environments directly impact our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Thankfully, with the right design choices, interior environments will encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to activate, resulting in a cascade of positive health benefits.

  • Enhanced moods
  • Faster mental and physical recovery time
  • Deeper and more restful sleep
  • Strengthened immune system

Who is it for?

  • Are you seeking to learn more about how interior environments affect your mental and physical well-being?
  • Are you sensitive to color and materiality but have difficulty choosing the perfect match for your space?
  • Planning a remodel and want to incorporate biophilic design principles from the start?
  • Do you need help uncovering a style that truly reflects your personality and supports your life goals?
  • Are you seeking enhancements to an existing space to achieve more significant health and vitality benefits?

A trained consultant is an ideal solution for those who sense something is missing or needs improvement but can't quite put their finger on it. Additionally, a skilled professional will offer clever and unexpected enhancements and observations for any space, budget, or intention.

The 3 Design Modalities


Biophilic Design

Humans have evolved from nature, and our minds and bodies are hard-wired to respond positively to environments imbued with natural elements and respond negatively to those that are not.

Biophilic design is a research-driven approach to interiors that seeks to restore our connection to nature within the built environment.

This approach uses a set of surprisingly clever, empirically proven strategies that trick the mind and body into believing you are in a thriving natural environment. And it’s so much more than just plants!


Spatial Energetics

Spatial energetics restores balance and flow by identifying chaos, stagnation, and aesthetic disharmony. For example, think of the clutter and awkward furniture placements we have come to tolerate without realizing the stress it causes our nervous system.

The analysis of spatial energetics requires a bit of examination and introspection to understand our environments as expressions of our personalities, habits, and attachments.

It offers remedies through purging, editing, replacing, and curating our possessions, so biophilia and color are amplified in their effectiveness. Conversely, environments lacking balanced spatial energetics will significantly reduce the efficacy of biophilia and color.


Color Psychology

Sight is our most vital sense, using more of our brain than any other sensory organ.

Color Psychology leverages a deep understanding of our evolutionary, cultural, and personal relationship with color. By bringing the right colors into your space, we can enhance the way you experience your surroundings.