Jessica Zed

Jessica is a designer, artist, energy intuitive, and innovator who bridges the brain-centric world of science and logic with the heart-centric world of intuition and energy.

It all began with a childhood filled with freedom to explore her curiosity and fascinations with the intimate relationship we create with spaces.

At an early age, she was free to experiment with space planning, color, nature, art, and décor, which led her to fall in love with the nurturing aspects of interior design and its effects on the human spirit.

She follows in her mother's footsteps as a healer and places health and well-being at the forefront of her work as a designer and consultant.

Jessica is a sensitive listener who takes pride in her ability to attune to her client's personalities, preferences, and aspirations. Her lighthearted and curious mind, sharp memory, and refined eye give her a keen ability to craft personal, healthful, and serene environments.


Illumine Terra

Illumine Terra is a unique interior consulting service born out of Jessica’s passion for interiors, love for nature, fascination with color, and sensitivity to subtle energy. This marriage of interests emerged a seamless and holistic approach to interiors founded in science, psychology, and energy.

Illumine Terra operates out of Oakland, California.

”The soul, by an instinct stronger than reason, ever associates beauty with truth.”
— Henry Theodore Tuckerman